Meet "Momma Beth" of Haven Movement Company

Next month, the Gallery at Atlas proudly presents an Introduction to Haven Movement Company.

Haven Movement Company is the latest venture of Beth McKee Elliott, a lifelong dancer and creator of the Mosaic choreographic process. Learn more about Beth and her ethos in this short video by White64's 12 Days of Creativity project.

Beth is eternally dedicated to the art and craft of choreography, and to creating opportunities for dancers and choreographers to present their creative work by teaching, mentoring, and producing events that showcase emerging and established choreographic work. She created the Small Plates Choreography Festival in 2012 to serve this mission, and Mise en Dance, an innovative open-workshop choreographic event, to promote dialog between dance makers and their audiences.

Please join us on Saturday, February 11th for the company's first public performance, and the first event of its kind at Atlas!