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Not an Ending at All: an evening of dance and music with a+s works and julia hudak

a+s works contemporary dance performance

Join us Saturday, July 29th for an evening of contemporary dance with a+s works as they present: 

Me and the Ghost Upstairs // a work-in-progress
Body of Words

And the music of Julia Hudak

Doors open at 7:00 PM - Performance begins at 7:30 PM


Me and the Ghost Upstairs is a work-in-progress which explores the homes we build for the spirits that haunt us. Inspired by the Buddhist teachings on Hungry Ghosts and a deleted scene from Fred Astaire's Second Chorus, the two performers navigate an intimate world carefully guarded by a chorus of personal apparitions. The dance seeks out the hidden parts of everyday narratives and the intimate, internal spaces we make for them. The eeriest haunting is a haunting of the home. It is unclear who is in charge. It is unclear to whom this home belongs.  Threatening and yet strangely loving, this work questions what comes after a life of haunting? What happens when a ghost dies?

Score by Matt Wiggers
Performed by Audrey Lane Ellis, Sarah Capua, Jason Corff, Eric Diehl, and Philip Opsasnick
Approximate Time: 25 mins

Body of Words is an improvisation performance featuring a+s works company members and special guest Coco Karol. This structured improvisation responds to a recorded interview of the late choreographer Ed Tyler. Each performer has a stratified familiarity with the recoding: one made the recording and is the interviewer, one has heard the recording once, and one has never heard it. This improvisational experiment is intended to direct the performers to respond rather than decide, and is an exploration of deep listening both to the familiar and the unknown.

Performed by Sarah Capua, Audrey Lane Ellis, Jason Corff, and Coco Karol
Approximate Time: 15 mins

ABOUT a+s works
Choreographing together for ten years, Sarah Capua and Audrey Lane Ellis began their collaborations in Baltimore with a show at the Walters Art Museum in 2006. Since then they have shown their work in New York City and beyond, presented by Goucher College, Dance New Amsterdam, Dixon Place, Triskelion Arts, Hornell Performing Arts Center and The Belfry. They expanded their collaborations by establishing a dance festival in 2009, launching a+s works On the Farm. This creative think-tank ran for 6 consecutive years. The company is now focused on developing an evening length work to premiere at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn in the Spring of 2018.